Hi!  I started this blog to share with you some of the things in life that bring me great joy, in hopes that you will find joy in them as well.  I am a vegan and healthy cooking (and eating!) enthusiast.  I’m a juicing fanatic and start most days with a big glass of fresh juice.  I enjoy being active and am interested in a variety of types of exercise and activity – although my favorite workout is spin class!  I enjoy reading and find that I go through phases in the types of books I’m interested in.  Sometimes I’m into classic novels, sometimes historical fiction and non-fiction.  I’ve been known to get wrapped up in various popular series a la Harry Potter, and I also enjoy books on nutrition as well as light/fun by-the-pool reading.  My friends and family are very important to me – particularly my amazing husband!  And who could forget my child??! – well – my canine child – Monty.  Monty is the cutest, sweetest, smartest dog in the world!! And I’m not even biased! 🙂  Living a healthy, balanced life is something that I strive for and although I enjoy that process, I know that it is just that – a process!  I hope this blog is interesting for both you and me and that we are all able to further explore the things in life that bring us joy!

Meet Monty!!  Monty is 25% Mastiff, 25% chow chow, 50% miniature poodle, and 100% bundle of love!! His pastimes are snuggling, playing at the dog park, chowing down, and snoozin’!  For the right treat, he will show you just how smart he is, whether he is playing dead, rolling over, or crawling navy seal style.  As you can tell by his crossed paws in the picture, he is a perfect gentleman!! Monty and I like to go on long runs and even longer walks.  He loves people and other dogs but he can definitely be protective when the time comes, or, when a person dares to walk down the hall outside our apartment, or breathe in an unexpected way, or look in his general direction…  But as long as you play nice, so does he!!  Monty brings happiness into my life every single day!!  I feel like he is my child 🙂  Meet the fluffiest, grayest child you’ve ever seen!


In addition to using this blog to post recipes and ideas for a more healthy and joyful you, I also hope to use this blog to share healthy recipes for homemade dog treats, for a more healthy and joyful pup!


6 thoughts on “About

  1. Hey Jamie! Thanks for stopping by my blog and liking a post – I appreciate it! Anyway, I wanted to check out your blog and say, “Hi.” I love your about page – we’ve got so much in common. Monty is beautiful! I have a canine child too. My pooch, Mambo, is fluffy white cocapoo. I’m going to stay awhile and check out some of your posts.

    • Hi Celeste! Thanks for checking out my blog! I just looked at some of the sites you posted links to yesterday for vegan Easter chocolates – the Gourmet Easter Basket from Chocolate Decadence looks so good!! (May need to drop a hint to my husband!) Mambo sounds adorable – aren’t dogs the best??

  2. You have a very lovely & cool vegan blog over here! I am not a vegan but do cook, bake & eat vegan 5x:week & so does my hubby! I also blog about it & have 122 vegan recipes on my blog! Greetings from a foodie from Belgium!

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