Dill Recipe #2: Cream Cheeze & Dill Cucumber Bites

I have a perpetual cucumber dilemma: My husband LOVES cucumbers but they are one of my very LEAST favorite foods!  So I will occasionally cook with them for his sake, and I will eat them if they are put in front of me, but I definitely don’t enjoy eating them and the whole time I will be mentally repeating to myself “these are good for you, you should eat them, insert fork and get over it.”  But since I’m doing a Dill blog series, I had to do a cucumber recipe, right?  Cukes & Dill are like peas & carrots – they’re just meant to be together!  The trick to making this recipe taste good to me (a non-cuke lover) is the addition of the cream cheeze.  And I eat these face down – twist-off-oreo-style.  With this recipe, both hubby and I are happy and the cuke dilemma is resolved!

As I’ve said, cukes are far from my favorite, but I will still eat them.  There are only two foods I know of that I will NOT eat.  Those foods are olives and vegemite – and I’ve had food horror stories with both.  I ran in the Chicago Marathon on 10/10/10 and my amazing, supportive then-bf now-husband came along to support me.  The race went pretty well but the logistics – not so much.  Neither my husband nor I are phenomenal planners  and we both tend to have a things will work themselves out and everything will be ok kind of attitude.  As a result, we hadn’t planned how/where to meet at the end of the race.  We’re sure to be able to spot each other in a crowd of 100,00, right? I flag down a stranger whose nice enough to let me use her cell phone – one problem – I don’t know his number!  He and I are apparently on the same brain wave, because we both call my Dad who miraculously helps us set a meeting point.  Once that debacle is over, we go find a nice, shady place for me to rest, rehydrate and eat a 10,000 calorie meal… oh wait that never happened … I booked flights that were leaving about 2 hours after I finished the race.  So we book it with our luggage to flag down a cab and race fight through bumper to bumper traffic to get to the airport.  At this point, I’m famished.  Starving.  Beyond starving.  Nobody speak to me.  Nobody look at me.  “Are cab seats edible?” I ask my hubby.  “Stop talking.  Just telepathically communicate it to me. Why are you looking at me???!!!” I hobble into the airport while lookers-on shoot me looks of pity and simultaneously high five my husband who they are certain, by the looks of him, must have been running in the marathon.  This does not help the hunger pains.

I spot a quizno’s in the distance.  I am going to EATTTT. Does quizno’s make a two-foot-long?  They are calling our plane to board but I am insistent.  I am going nowhere until I get a veggie sub.  After getting said sub, we race down the hall to board and make it in the nick of time!  At long last, we take our seats and I unravel my glorious sub as if it’s my only Christmas present – but in the next minute all my happiness fades away and I actually shed a single tear.  It’s full of olives!  It’s as if a species of tiny slugs has invaded quizno’s and taken residence in MY sub! This cannot be happening to me!!  26.2 miles, 3 hours later and nothing to eat, and then I get an olive sub.  AHHH!!!

On to the vegemite horror story.  This one is much more brief.  I visited a couple friends who were living in Australia at the time.  They suggested I try some toast slathered in vegemite – a national favorite.  I took one bite and my first thought was actually that this was a horrific joke and this “spread” was actually a steaming, brown pile of you-know-what.  I loved Australia and had a phenomenal time there but never never never never never again will I eat vegemite.  Never.

I think this recipe is one that even the non-cuke lovers will like.  Hope you enjoy!

Cream Cheeze & Dill Cucumber Bites


Cream Cheeze & Dill Cucumber Bites

Cream Cheeze & Dill Cucumber Bites

  • 1 large cucumber
  • 1/2 container vegan cream cheeze
  • few sprigs of dill
  • black pepper


1. Thinly slice cucumber.

2. Spoon about 1 t cream cheeze onto each slice.

3. Sprinkle black pepper and top with dill.


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