Sweet Potato Delight Juice

Last weekend I watched the documentary “Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead” about a guy who goes on a 60 day juice fast and in the process loses around 80 lbs and cures himself of an autoimmune disease.  While I don’t plan on doing any extended juice fast any time soon, it was an interesting and inspiring documentary and I highly recommend it to anyone interested in juicing and/or improving your health!  Even if you don’t want to juice, the message of adding fruits and vegetables to your diet is really the key point of this documentary and is something everyone could benefit from doing. FYI the documentary is available on Netflix.

My juice recipe for today is a real treat!  You can drink this juice for breakfast or for dessert/ a snack.  It’s a juice that I would serve to friends and especially to those who aren’t used to juicing because it has a mild taste, doesn’t use any weird (but good!) ingredients ie kale, fennel etc, and it just looks pretty! The cranberries are the key to this recipe because they balance out the mildly sweet flavors of the sweet potato and carrot.  This juice is so tasty and is a must try!!

Sweet Potato Delightimageimage


1 large-ish sweet potato, peeled & ends cut off

1 large carrot with end cut off

1 cup cranberries (I used frozen but thawed)

1 bosc pear, cored


Chop ingredients into small enough pieces to fit in juicer.  Feed all ingredients into juicer, pour juice into a glass and drink immediately!


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